Here in Minnesota we'll do whatever it takes to stay warm.  It's obviously been much easier to do that this winter, but there are still times you're outside and you need help to stay warm.  So of course it took a Minnesotan to come up with the perfect answer!


Remember the Snuggie craze?  That was fun and great for lounging on the couch.  But this is on a whole new level.  It's called a NorSari.  Basically, it's a blanket that you can wear.  Gwen Bretzke Daniels is a Hutchinson, MN native and creator of the NorSari.  How does it work?  Well this is how it's described on the NorSari website:

A NorSari is a blended wool outerwear wrap designed to be a simple and stylish way to stay warm. It wraps over your clothes and stays attached with an adjustable Velcro closure at the waist. It functions as a versatile and convenient sized blanket or throw.

Photo by Norsari on
Photo by Norsari on


Daniels was headed out to work on a frigid December day and was going to be spending time outdoors.  She grabbed a blanket from her house and wrapped it around her waist.  It worked so well that she decided to create the wearable blanket.  At first just giving them to friends and family.  Then finally creating the company NorSari to sell them to the public.

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Daniels' nephew works for an investment firm and they bought part of the company in an effort to help it grow.  Daniels is still part owner and still is a big part of the creation process.  Some of the production of the Norsari's have moved out of Minnesota, however there is a selection of them that are still handmade in Minnesota by Daniels and other locals.  Check for the Made-in-Minnesota collection.

H/T: Hutchinson Leader

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