If you were planning on hitting the road this December to take in all of the holiday light drive-thru's that are offered this time of year, you should cross this drive-thru off your list as it announced yesterday that it was permanently closing. The drive-thru down in Zumbro Falls announced on social media that the 1.5 mile long drive-thru wouldn't be opening anytime soon.

Lights at Bluff Valley announced yesterday that it would no longer open to the public.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

At its peak Lights at Bluff Valley was 1.5 miles long and consisted of 450 different light displays for those who drove through the holiday lights.

It appears that it's been several years since the drive-thru has been open as the last social media post before the closing announcement was made back in 2021 announcing that the drive-thru was closed for the year.

The Lights at Bluff Valley had been going on for more than 20 years before it closed for good, creating plenty of positive and special memories for everyone who attended.

If you are looking for some still open holiday light drive-thru's there are many to choose from. The most popular holiday light display/walk-thru is Bentleyville up in Duluth, then there is the longest holiday drive-thru in Northern Minnesota, and of course, Mankato has the Kiwanis drive-thru.

Then of course Sever's Corn Maze down off 169 near Shakopee has a holiday light drive-thru too.

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While the Zumbro Falls drive-thru has closed there are still plenty of options for anyone wanting to participate in the sights of the season.

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