It's been 3 months since the winning numbers for Minnesota's Millionaire Raffle were released and still both million-dollar prizes remain unclaimed. What gives? Here are three reasons why we might not have seen these tickets claimed yet.

Image Credit: alexander mils via unsplash
Image Credit: Alexander Mils via Unsplash

Maybe both winners weren't sure how they wanted their winnings?

A lot of times when people win big lotteries they are given two options to receive their winnings. One method is the lump sum method, where the winner gets everything owed to them AFTER taxes, this is great for investing to earn compounding interest. (letting your money work for you) The other way winners can receive their winnings would be in an annuity, where the prize is divided up over some time and dispersed to the winner.

The point here is the winners might be consulting with an accountant, or asking for professional advice before claiming their cash.

Image Credit: convertkit via unsplash
Image Credit: convertkit via Unsplash

Could they be protecting their IDs?

In Minnesota, you can remain anonymous when you win a big prize, but it wasn't always that way. A law that was signed in September 2021 states that "the names of winners of cash prizes bigger than $10,000 can remain private data unless they give written consent to the Minnesota Lottery to release that information. The same applies to winners of second-chance drawings for games than have them." Before that, everyone knew who won the big bucks.

Since the prize is more than $10,000 the Minnesota Lottery won't release their names, but that doesn't mean people won't find out. The winners might be working on how they can claim the prize without raising eyebrows.

Image Credit: sergiu valena via unsplash
Image Credit: Sergiu Valencia via Unsplash

They've got kids/grandkids, and they want to put the winnings toward their futures

This might be what is going on, some folks who win big money will set it aside for future generations like children and grandchildren so they create a trust for the money to go into until a certain date or time.

Image Credit: gary chan via unsplash
Image Credit: Gary Chan via Unsplash


Maybe the winners just threw out their tickets or lost them?

This would be horrible news, as both winning parties would have thrown away a million dollars, but hey stuff happens.

You can check winning numbers any time on the Minnesota Lottery website, here. 

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