(Photo by Troy Parla/Getty Images)
(Photo by Troy Parla/Getty Images)


The Professional Women's Hockey League doesn't have team names or mascots yet; but hoping that they continue well into the future, a mascot and team name would add to the excitement.


If you could pick a name for our amazing Minnesota Pro Women's Hockey team, what would it be? We have some pretty great options here, so make sure you let our Minnesota team in on our great ideas.

How do we choose a name? Things to consider:

  • Geographical references could be considered - Lakes, forests, wildlife.
  • Heritage and History- Something that reflects our rich culture and heritage and notable figures
  • Uniqueness- Something that is not easily confused with other sports teams
  • The ability for the Mascot to interact with the fans
  • Visual appeal- Will it work on merchandise?
  • Hockey connection- Something that reflects Minnesota's love of hockey
(Photo by Troy Parla/Getty Images)
(Photo by Troy Parla/Getty Images)


Will the team stick with purple as their color? I like it, and we have a lot of great names and mascots on this list.  Names that represent strength, Minnesota, our heritage, our uniqueness. Take a look!


  • Minnesota Virtuous: Virtuous meaning: "virtuous" is used to describe a woman who is strong, influential, and feminine, and who is spiritually, morally, mentally, and physically strong.
  • Minnestoa Warriors: Warrior meaning, a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.
  • Minnesota Bellatrix : Bellatrix Latin meaning Female Warrior

Very exciting that they got the 1st ever championship. Love to see that our MN women's sports continue to dominate. ~Warmest Regards,  Nicole Clapp

  • A Minnesota cat is the Mountain Lion or "Puma". I think it would be an awesome nickname for our PWHL Minnesota team. Attached is a logo that would work great on merchandise. This would blend in with our other animal mascots - Lynx, Timberwolves, Wild, Loons. Just my thought. ~ Monty J. Pankratz
  • The Mn Northern Lights would be a very fitting name for our Womens hockey team!   ~Pfannenstein
  • Minnesota Grey Ducks! With a mascot grey duck :-) ~Ashley Gardner
  • Cheryl Jonason says:
    1) Purple Reign: a) from the Vikings in the 60's; b) to a Prince song; c) to our spring 2024 weather; d) to a play on words.
    2) ICE, lots, almost 4 seasons
  • 3) (N)ICE, lots of stories, multi-cultures from Minnesota begining
    4) SKEETERS, a non-endangered species located in backyards throughout Minnesota.
  • 5) North Stars (it was our name and we should take it back as it is unused
  • The Minnesota Glacier, with a Narwahl mascot named Chilly. ~Alix
  • Minnesota Mink….. mascot: the “Minnie Soatah” Mink  Marcie Swanson
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  • We LOVE Purple Rain for a team name!! !~ Jim & Kristen Scott
  • Anna Marie Mason- I love the name Purple Rain or Reign as they are reigning over Boston right now. We know how much Prince supported the Minnesota Lynx and I think he would do the same for The Purple Reign.
  • Jayne Waller- I like Purple Rain but I think it should be spelled “reign” with a gold crown on a purple background on their jersey. They could have a queen dressed in a purple robe as their mascot!
  • Jarrod Norton -Team Mascot Ideas:
    Minnesota Powder (Purple Powder)
    Minnesota Walleyes
    Minnesota Legacy
    Minnesota Nice
  • Jenny Benoit ~​Team name: Glaciers
    Mascot: Polar bear named Ice
  • Minnesota Loons ~Matthew Theisen
  • Mascot 'Hot Shot the Fox' ~Kenny Hinnenkamp
  • Flying Loons ~Edna Kramer
  • Mascot 'Puck the Pegasus' ~Sheila Kuper
  • Lady Slippers ~Jim M.
  • The Purple Rain ~Kelly Cordes
  • Minnesota Blizzard
  • Minnesota Valkyrie
  • Minnesota Ice Queens -AI Chatbot
  • Northern Lights-  Mascot Aurora
  • Ice Vixens
  • Mascot Frosty
  • Mascot Blizzard
  • Mascot Puckster
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What do you think? Can you think of a team name and a mascot to go along with it? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to send them to kelly.cordes@townsquaremedia.com.

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