Nature truly is an amazing thing.  With Minnesota Deer Season upon us the national hunting company Mossy Oak has highlighted on Facebook a strange Minnesota find. They are  revisiting the first documented case of two-headed white-tailed deer twins brought to term and birthed.  They were found right here in Minnesota.

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These twins had two heads, two hearts and a full coat of spots. It was a mushroom hunter that was out foraging that stumbled upon what looked like a dead newborn fawn.  Then he realized it was conjoined twins.

Lets go back to how truly amazing nature is.  You never know what animals are thinking.  You may assume you know what's going through your pets mind, but truth be told, it's really your best guess.

That's where this find was super interesting. Studies on these twins show that the mother cared for these fawns after birth. A study outlines the signs of it.

The mushroom forager that found the fawns could see that they had been recently groomed.  He knew just seeing conjoined twin fawns in the wild was rare, now add in the mothers care that was apparent.   A case study published in the journal The American Midland Naturalist stated this:

"Their anatomy indicates the fawns would never have been viable," D'Angelo (Assistant professor of deer ecology and management at the University of Georgia) told The Independent. "Yet, they were found groomed and in a natural position, suggesting that the doe tried to care for them after delivery. The maternal instinct is very strong."

Again, nature is an amazing thing.

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