Yesterday we told you about a car that was found in a pond in Burnsville. The car, supposedly had been in that pond for close to 20 years, before low water allowed a person using a drone to locate the car in the pond. Since that find, the Sheriff's Office in Dakota County has been overwhelmed with questions about the car, and whether it could be connected to another unsolved crime.

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The Dakota County Sheriff's Office took to social media to post, again, about the found car.

We've received tons of questions about this vehicle with lots of speculation about ties to another crime.

It appears that the mystery stops here. There were no bodies or anything suspicious found in the car. We found registration paperwork dated 1986 with the registered owner's information. The registered owner (an elderly man) was contacted. He believes the vehicle was sold or traded, but doesn't recall because it was so many years ago. We suspect the title was not transferred and the car was dumped.

Sorry to disappoint, but we don't think this story will be covered in your favorite true crime podcast. It's just a car in a pond.
I'm apparently not the only person who watches too many true crime shows, as I wasn't the only person to jump to conclusions.

As you can see there isn't anything else going on, even though I was racked with possibilities of what happened, in the end, it was just the simple answer. It was a car that was found in a pond, most likely abandoned by someone other than the original owner.

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