Feeling stressed?  If you live here in Minnesota, then chances are you just answered 'no' to that question.  There was a study done recently to find out which were the most and least stressed states and Minnesota came out on top as the least stressed state in the nation.

Here are the 3 least stressed states in the country:

1) Minnesota
2) Colorado
3) Utah

The people of Minnesota experience the least amount of money and family related stress.

We also think the history & practice of sauna here in the State doesn’t hurt too.

With the news of the cancellation of the US Pond Hockey Tournament on Lake Nokomis here in Minnesota, come pay us a visit at Sauna Camp instead for a fun Minnesotan winter activity with your friends & family.

On February 10th, we’ll be hosting our very own hockey tournament out on Lake Minnewashta in view of all our saunas.

You can now book public/private tickets for this event at our normal Sauna Camp prices through saunacamps.com. Just go to book a public/private session and select February 10th and pick the 10am slot.

Let’s keep Minnesota a low stress place to be, come relax in one of our ten wood-fired saunas and cool off in one of our two natural ice plunges this weekend on the shores of a 103-acre camp just 15 miles outside the Twin Cities.

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As you can see, the folks at Sauna Camps believe it may have a lot to do with the popularity of saunas here in Minnesota.  There is a long history of saunas here, so maybe that's true.

But the study conducted by WalletHub and presented by CNBC says it specifically looked at Work, Money, Family and Health & Safety related stresses.  Minnesota has the second highest hours of sleep per night and that played a part in the ranking as well.

Did you know that Minnesota was also named one of the top states to live and work in?  See CNBC's annual study.

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