Sometimes in life, you just have to stand up for something. It could be yourself, a friend, a family member, etc. One Minnesota family might be 'forced' to move after a disagreement with their homeowner's association over a parking rule, that the family says wasn't enforced until recently.

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KMSP-TV talked with Greg and Michelle Stream, who have lived in their townhome in Forest Lake for the last fifteen years, and they might be on their way out after a dispute over a portion of pavement that is for visitors continues to make living in the neighborhood tough for the Streams. The problem revolves around a work truck that Greg has to take home from work, as his job relies on him to work on-call.

The truck that Greg brings home gets parked in the visitor's parking area near their townhouse, and according to the Streams, they have gotten verbal permission to do so more than once.

But after 15 years of living in their home, the Streams in June received a violation email from their homeowner's association over violating the guest parking rules, where homeowners/residents aren't allowed to use the visitor's spaces and must utilize their driveways or garages for their vehicles.

After moving the work truck into their driveway, two weeks later the family got another notice that commercial vehicles weren't allowed in residents' driveways. It was at this point the family wrote an appeal to the HOA board to allow Greg to park his work truck back in the visitors parking area, like they had previously before they received the warning in June.

The problem that the Streams ran into with their appeal with their HOA, is that there was nothing written to present to the board that states the family has permission to use the guest parking spots for the work truck.

The family told Fox 9 that they feel after the denied appeal they are left with just two decisions, the first is that Greg find a different job and the second is to leave their beloved home.

There is an upcoming meeting that the Streams will be attending for their HOA, but according to KMSP's Rob Olson, the family isn't holding out a whole lot of hope.

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