The Ogilvie Fire Department is using a scary moment, to educate members of the public to slow down and move over for stopped emergency vehicles. The department posted a photo of a vehicle that had been hit by another vehicle while responding to an emergency.

When you see emergency lights, please remember to slow down and move over. It can save lives. Whether it's our firefighters or other emergency vehicles responding to a call, please give them space to work safely. Your cooperation is crucial in keeping everyone safe on the road. Let's work together to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Luckily, everyone walked away from this. #drivesafe #Moveover

The Ogilvie Fire Department made sure to emphasize the fact that there is a law here in Minnesota that requires motorists to slow down and or move over for stopped emergency vehicles on Minnesota roadways. It's called the Ted Foss Law, and it's named after Minnesota State Trooper Ted Foss who was killed after being hit by a motorist.

Failing to slow down and or move over if possible can result in a fine for the driver. Fines can exceed $100 according to the Minnesota Department of Traffic Safety. 

So far this year 74 people have died on Minnesota roads compared to 47 at the same time last year. According to preliminary data from the Office of Traffic Safety, more than 400 people lost their lives on Minnesota roads in 2023.

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Another road reminder for drivers is Minnesota is a hands-free state, which means your cell phone shouldn't be in your hands while you are driving, as it's illegal.

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