There are lots of questions about AI these days.  Is it good or bad, should we use it or not?  Or if we do use it, should we put restrictions on it.  There will certainly be much more discussion to come!  But here is one of the good things that AI can do and how it can help you.

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You know how it is when you’re trying to decide what to do for your next vacation? Maybe this weird winter we're having has got you wanting to escape?  But now where to go?

Photo by Bing Hui Yau on Unsplash
Photo by Bing Hui Yau on Unsplash

Here’s where AI can help you.  Time just published a great way to ask AI for help. Basically, they suggest you go to Chat GPT and ask your questions there.  If you haven’t used Chat GPT yet, don’t be scared of it. It’s super easy to use, find out how HERE. For this purpose just enter your parameters (Best vacations to escape Winter, temperature range, beach or city etc) and ask for the top 5 places.  Hit enter and let Chat GPT do the work.

Once you get your Top 5, you can still get more info.  Let’s say you decide on one of those places.  Now you can go back to Chat GPT and ask it to give you the best things to do there. You can ask for affordable places so that you’re saving some money too.  Ask for the best places to stay based on customer reviews.  The point is that Chat GPT will do all the research for you in seconds (!!) compared to the couple hours you might spend researching all of these questions on the internet.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit hesitant on adopting AI too quickly.  But these are the sorts of things that AI seems really good for.

Hopefully this saves you a lot of time, helps you discover new places and it gets you out of this year’s not-so-harsh Minnesota Winter at a good price. Happy Travels!

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