Facebook Marketplace has seemingly disappeared for some users looking to buy and sell goods through the social media platform.

Marketplace Isn't Available To You

The issue appears to have surfaced last week when frustrated Facebook fans began flooding Reddit with reports of not being able to access Marketplace. For those not familiar with the service, Marketplace allows people to post items for sale that can be purchased by other Facebook users.

"I buy and sell a lot so Marketplace is kind of a necessity for me," one Reddit user posted. "Any ideas on how to fix this?"

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The post was accompanied by a screenshot of an error message that made it look as though Marketplace had been removed.

"Marketplace isn't available to you," the message read. "You may be seeing this message if you recently joined Facebook, if Marketplace hasn't launched in your country, or if your account doesn't meet our eligibility requirements."

How To Fix Facebook Marketplace Access Issue

From the looks of the Reddit discussion and also posts made to X (formerly Twitter) regarding the issue, the Facebook Marketplace error is affecting several, but not all users.

Distractify wrote about users' frustrations and possible remedies for the issue.

"Meta, Facebook's parent company, has yet to release any statement suggesting that they are aware of the issue or working on it," the website said. "Given how widespread the problem appears to be, though, it seems unlikely that they aren't at least somewhat aware that people are experiencing issues."

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Distractify reported several users are creating new accounts as a temporary workaround.

If building a new Facebook seems daunting, TechCult.com recommends checking your birthdate and home country/region. Age restrictions for Marketplace, which vary by country, could be causing the access issue.

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