In the mid-90s, some car windows were still manual, most jeans were tight and belt buckles were huge, but country songs were topping the charts in April of 1994.

There was a certain glow across the country music genre in the '90s, that's for sure.

There were women, such as Faith Hill and Martina McBride; men, such as Tim McGraw and John Michael Montgomery, and groups that were dominating the decade. And, country music was evolving into more of a lifestyle than just a genre.

Taking a look back to April 1994, gas was $1.01, the cost of a dozen eggs was 86 cents, and the price of a CD was $11.98.

There were not any streaming services back then, so you could not just create a Spotify list and add these songs to it. You either had to hear it on the radio or go to the record store.

Let's get this time machine up to 88 mph, go back to April 1994 and check out the Billboard Hot Country Top 20 songs for April 1994.

The Top 20 Country Songs From April 1994

Some would argue that '90s country music was the best decade of country music to date. There was a certain glow across the country music genre in the '90s, from the belt buckles and mullets to the big hair and blouses with shoulder pads. Let's take a walk back in time and look at the Top 20 country songs for April 1994.

Gallery Credit: Evan Paul

20 Top-Grossing Country Stars of All Time:

Country music is arguably the hottest genre of music right now. The top grossing country artists of all time have pulled in so much money each that it proves that even more. Let's take a look at the top 20 grossing country artists of all time.

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Vince Gill started his solo career in Nashville in the early 1980s. Since then, he has recorded more than 20 studio albums, charted more than 40 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and sold more than 26 million albums. When it comes to winning awards, Gill is no slouch, either — he has won 22 Grammys and 18 CMAs lifetime. In 2007, Gill was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Let's take a look back at 22 pictures of Vince Gill young.

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