Country-gospel stalwart and longstanding tenor for the Statler Brothers Jimmy Fortune is undergoing major heart surgery on Wednesday (Feb. 15). The procedure is intended to correct some concerning results that a heart test yielded.

Fortune updated fans on his health status in a social media post, which was widely shared by Fortune's musical friends, the Oak Ridge Boys.

"Prayers this morning for our long time friend and brother JIMMY FORTUNE," the vocal group said when they shared the news.

They then shared the update from Fortune's camp, which explains that the singer "went in for a test on his heart and some concerning ares were found" by his medical team.

"He now will have bypass surgery on Wednesday to create new routes for his blood to his heart," the update continues. "He is incredibly positive and we have met with his surgeon and feel great about his care!"

However, the recovery time associated with the procedure means that Fortune will have to cancel some shows he had planned for this weekend. "However, he has said that many people go back to normal activity after 12 weeks! So we plan on being back on the road soon!" the message notes, concluding with a message thanking fans for their prayers.

"Your prayers are greatly appreciated and we know there is so much power in them so please keep them up!" the tweet goes on to say. "We know GOD HEARS US. Jimmy says, 'I love you all!'"

Most recently, Fortune appeared on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry earlier in February with his group, Brothers of the Heart. His bandmates in the group are Bradley Walker, Mike Rogers and Ben Isaacs.

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