If Bravo ever decides to go all in on a Real Housewives of Nashville franchise, there would be plenty of country artists wives to choose from for the cast.

Although there hasn't been a Music City installment of the long-running reality series, there have been a few attempts at a similar concept.

Private Lives of Nashville Wives

10 years ago, TNT attempted to document the lives of some affluent women in Nashville with Private Lives of Nashville Wives. The show's cast consisted of a few singers' and songwriters' wives, including Gary Chapman's wife Cassie and Dallas Davidson's wife Sarah. Others in the defunct series were women of influence in the city. After just eight episodes, the show was done and not renewed for a second season.

Rumors of a Real Housewives-Style Show in Nashville

In 2021, US Weekly reported there was a "Housewives-style show" being filmed in Nashville with Luke Bryan's wife Caroline. The rumors also said that Jana Kramer was a part of the cast.

The publication's source said at the time that the series was being shopped around, but had not been picked up. Judging by the fact that it has not aired on television, it's a safe bet the show will never be greenlit.

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Which Country Artists Wives Would Be Great on Real Housewives?

A good housewife is someone who is compelling on screen and makes an audience keep watching. They're interesting and have an air of fantasy to them. They have to feel real enough to connect to, yet lavish enough to feel untouchable.

Several country artists' wives fit into this category. Many have large followings on social media already.

Keep scrolling to see which Music City women would make a great cast on a potential Real Housewives of Nashville. There are even some bonus, non-married women tossed into the mix.

We'd Totally Watch These Ladies on 'Real Housewives of Nashville''

Despites television's best efforts to create a reality television series about the wives of country music's biggest stars, the concept has never stuck. That hasn't stopped us from putting together our dream cast should a Real Housewives of Nashville franchise ever get off the ground.

Here are several country wives that would be perfect for the show and even a few singers who are not married - yet.