The deer population and the wolf population are hot topics of discussion among certain groups in Minnesota, and one new group is taking the subject head-on with a series of meetings.

The new group called Hunters for Hunters says on its website that they are "a watchdog organization dedicated to protecting the rights of hunters, landowners, and sportsmen in the State of Minnesota." The new organization is kicking off its launch with a series of what they are calling "Wolf Predation Meetings" and are asking the question, "How do we control the predator problem that's destroying our deer population?"

Currently, there are six meetings scheduled, all the meetings will be held from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM:

  • December 5th - Bob Walls Memorial Union Hall Center - International Falls
  • December 6th - Carlton Four Seasons Sports Complex - Carlton
  • December 7th - Loon Lake Community Center - Aurora
  • December 8th - Locker Room Bar & Grill - Coleraine
  • December 29th - Holiday Inn - Detroit Lakes
  • January 15th - American Legion - Bagley
Wild Place Project Welcomes A Pack Of Wolves
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Each of the meetings will focus on the wolf vs. deer problem in Minnesota and will feature an open forum discussion and guest speaker Steve Porter, who owns Steve Porter’s Trophy Whitetail, a business that specializes in whitetail deer hunting expeditions and a variety of hunting products.

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Hunters for Hunters says their goal "is to secure our future in the outdoors and the management of our resources. We have a constitutional right to hunt and fish in Minnesota, and our plan is to fully realize those rights. Through proper policy and wildlife management, hunters and Landowners will secure our outdoor heritage and traditions, as well as maintain our property values and land access."

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resource estimates that the state has about 2,700 wolves, only Alaska ranks hire in terms of numbers of wolves with an estimated population of over 11,000.

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