As Minnesota sets up the government agencies and licensing to handle recreational use of cannabis in the state, one Michigan dispensary is trying to entice Minnesotans to make the drive.

It will still be maybe another year before licensed dispensaries starting opening in Minnesota, so legal dispensaries in Michigan are making a last minute push for Minnesota residents to make the trip to load up on cannabis products.

The High Profile Cannabis Shop location located in Ironwood, MI is taking a unique approach to encourage Minnesotans, especially from the Duluth area and Northern Minnesota, to make the two-hour drive for their marijuana needs.

C3 Industries

Minnesotan residents 21 years of age or older that can show their Minnesota driver's license and spend at least $250 will get a $25 prepaid gas card, while supplies last, which should cover at least the gas to get there and back again, a stoners' tale.

The promotion is cleverly called the "Gas for Gas Campaign," gas being a slang term to represent the smell of certain strains of marijuana that give a "gassy" scent.

Some buds of marijuana sit on a wooden board next to a neatly rolled joint.
Phil Lewis

The High Profile Cannabis Shop is the latest of a handful of dispensaries that have popped up in Ironwood to capitalize on customers from both Minnesota and Wisconsin. "We're thrilled to launch our 'Gas for Gas Campaign' at High Profile Ironwood, offering Minnesota cannabis consumers a rewarding journey to our newest Michigan store," said Ankur Rungta, CEO of and cofounder of C3 Industries.

According to the High Profile website, they carry a full selection of cannabis products including flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals and all the accessories you made need to enjoy it all.

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