One Minnesota city has launched a new marketing campaign to promote its many restaurants, but it seems to be backfiring as many find it humorous.

You better be on solid ground if you're going to call your city the capital of anything, and while this city may have a good argument to be the "Restaurant Capital of Minnesota", but anyone that's ever visited this city may giggle at this declaration.

The new campaign is from Experience Maple Grove, a marketing and tourists organization for the city of Maple Grove, aims to drive attention to the cities 150+ restaurants within the city limits.

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Google Maps

The problem most people are having is the types of restaurants that Maple Grove is promoting, and the fact that cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul clearly have more restaurants than Maple Grove.

Experience Maple Grove
Experience Maple Grove

On their self-proclaimed "Restaurant Row" they promote fine dining establishments like Panda Express, Chipotle, White Castle, Cold Stone, Five Guys, Chuck E. Cheese, Noddles and Company, Perkins, Olive Garden, and many others, some of which are family owned, but most are large chains often found in a shopping mall food courts or strip malls.

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And, if you've ever visited the popular commercial district in Maple Grove, you'll know that finding these restaurants within the maze of small side streets and strip mall parking lots is a chore in itself.

On the official website for this campaign, they say that, "residents are known to eat out so often that we’ve earned the nickname ‘No Stove – Maple Grove’". I have several family members in Maple Grove, and none of them have ever heard that before.

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