No, it isn't just you. Facebook, went down for a lot of people Tuesday morning, and it wasn't just localized to Minnesota or Wisconsin either.

UPDATE 10:31 am 3/5/24: Some users who were previously unable to access their accounts can once again log in to and use services like Facebook. It is unclear at this time if the fix is permanent or if service has been restored to all users.

The website DownDetector has been seeing the number of self-reported outages of Facebook come down drastically since the peak of the outage around 9:30 this morning. At the peak, over 500,000 user-submitted reports of outages had been received. As of this update, that number is now down to around 60,000.


I received a few texts from people around the state asking me if my Facebook was down as well, reporting when they tried opening their app, they appeared to be signed out. I popped open the app on my phone as well, and I had the same issue

The website DownDetector is reporting a significant number of users across the country seeing an outage, with the peak number being over 500,000 self-reported instances of people being unable to access the app or site.

It isn't just Facebook that is being impacted by the outage, either. Users are also experiencing issues accessing other products owned by Facebook's parent company, Meta. Those include Instagram, Threads, and Messenger.

CNBC is reporting the issues aren't universal, with some people still able to access their feeds on places like Instagram, though they say the main service being impacted appears to be Facebook.

A spokesperson from Meta acknowledged on competing social media platform X that there is a problem. Andy Stone, a communications official for Meta tweeted that the company is aware of issues and that they are working on the problem.

CNBC also reported that other Meta platforms like Meta Admin Center, WhatsApp Business API, and Marketing API also experienced issues Tuesday morning.

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