Duluth responded in a big way to Kathy Cargill's comments about Park Point and how "small-minded" we are, and how the Mayor "peed in his Cheerios" about her plans.

The Duluth Cheerio Challenge launched one week ago in response to comments that Cargill made to the Wall Street Journal about the 22 parcels of land and 13 homes she now owns, she said that she had plans to modernize the Park Point neighborhood and add amenities like a sports complex and coffee shop.

Chad McKenna created the Facebook group "Duluth Cheerio Challenge" with the hope of generating donations of boxes of Cheerios (or cash) to help local food banks, he said in a post in the group, "The impact of this campaign is HUGE. It will help our community organizations help more people and help them faster."

Chad McKenna
Chad McKenna

In total, the Cheerio Challenge collected over 800 boxes of cereal, and over $50,000 in financial donations, all the collected food and cash donations will be distributed to CHUM, Damiano Center, Duluth Salvation Army, and Union Gospel Mission.

Duluth Cheerio Challenge
Duluth Cheerio Challenge

Asked why they donated to the Cheerio Challenge, people gave a variety of responses:

  • Her unprofessional comment was uncalled for. We hope to move to Duluth one day, but until then we will visit often! Go Duluth!! - Michelle
  • Honestly no matter what everyone says or what your opinion was we did it to help others by donating food. - Mollie
  • I live in Woodbury, MN. I was annoyed that anyone would use their husband's money to bully and insult the people of Duluth. - Beth-Ann
  • I donated because I thought it was a great way for Duluth to show this is not a small minded community and a way to give to an important cause during this Easter season.- Diane

On a video posted on the Facebook group, they hint that this may not be the end of the road for the Duluth Cheerio Challenge and there may be more to come.

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