The Duluth Police Department does a pretty good job of keeping the public informed on what they're up to, but they are taking heat for a recent post.

If you follow the Duluth Police Department on Facebook, you'll notice that they like to share news about arrests, public safety issues, and other information that may be valuable to the public, yesterday they gave an update that some are questioning.

The post was about some graffiti that has been seen all around Duluth, someone has been spray-painting walls, fences, and other property with the word "Plunger".

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Photo by Tammy Seedorff Olsen
Photo by Tammy Seedorff Olsen

Duluth Police took to Facebook to announce the arrest of an individual they believe is behind the graffiti, 22-year-old Duluth resident Mason Manseau is being charged with Criminal Damage to Property. But some people found this post to be not worthy of an update, with one comment saying, "Such a small thing to announce."

Graffiti Artists Exercise On Legal Wall
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While some people are questioning the worthiness of the update, others are questioning the priority of the Duluth Police, "Yeah. Great work. There’s used syringes and people nodding off on every corner of Duluth’s hillside, west side, downtown and canal park but this is a priority?" said one comment, with another saying, "Tirelessly working to put the PLUNGER PERP behind bars. Wow."

Despite being hassled by some, lots of people support the Duluth Police and the update, with one comment stating "Another DPD success story! Thanks for all you do."

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