Late last year, VIP Pizza, which had three locations that included a dine-in restaurant in Superior and two Duluth locations that provided take-out and delivery options, announced they would be closing their Duluth locations.

That was disappointing news, but a little good news arrived this week when it was announced that VIP Pizza's former West Duluth location would soon be cooking delicious food again with a new tenant.

FOX 21 is reporting that Tom’s Taste of Chicago food truck, which has become a Northland favorite, will be expanding into that brick-and-mortar building at 3901 Grand Avenue.

Owner Tom Nicholl is keeping the food truck running throughout the Northland while adding the new location to his repertoire. Toms Taste of Chicago will continue to offer some of the best fast food Chicago has to offer", including a terrific addition with the new location.

Nicholl has partnered with Dave Sowers and they will be expanding the menu to include pizza. Sowers promises the Chicago pizza will be equally authentic with a fresh hand-tossed thin crust. He also plans a more sausage-based offering as he says pepperoni isn't as popular in Chicago.

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So those looking for authentic Chicago-style pizza and authentic Chicago fast food, including Italian beef, hot dogs, and more can get it, and get it done right, at one location.

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The team is still waiting for some final items to arrive before they can open to the public, but they plan to be ready to feed the masses by Wednesday, May 1. Those looking to visit Tom’s Taste of Chicago food truck can find the schedule on Facebook.

Once the new location opens, they'll also update the hours Tom's Taste of Chicago will be open in Duluth.

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