If you're an avid Target shopper like me, you can expect a big change next time you walk in the store! Stores in Minnesota and Wisconsin are getting a new addition in the self-checkout lanes.

Lots Of Self-Checkout Changes

Back in March, Target stores rolled out their first in what appears to be a series of changes at the self-checkout. At that time, they announced a 10 item limit for self-checkout lanes.

They also shared at that time that Target employees were getting more training so the overall checkout experience can be greater for customers, and that they planned for more staffed checkout lanes during busy times.

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Retail Sales Drops Sharply In November
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Another New Self-Checkout Change

According to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Target's self-checkout lanes are getting shiny new security cameras. This is a way to cut down on theft in the self-checkout lanes, where people can bypass scanning an item or two if they want to.

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The cameras are TruScan cameras and will be used to identify shoppers who don't scan all of their items in the self-checkout lanes. While these types of lanes are convenient, in the case of Target, they have led to an increase in shoplifting.

Retail Sale Numbers For November Show An Unexpected Rise
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Other Recent Target Changes

Target stores have undergone many changes recently! In early March, they announced a change to their Target Circle plan. While their original plan is still in place, they added a new paid membership option.

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I love Target so much and spend a lot of money there. However, there are so many paid subscriptions out there these days, especially streaming services, that I don't find this one necessary!

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