Have we ever gone a week without some new scam popping up? There is always a new scam making its way across the internet and in some cases like this one, a scam popping up right on your front door.

Another Scam Reported In Minnesota

While phone scams or text message scams can be scary in their own way, they always take a turn for the scarier when scammers approach others in person. Such is the case with a new scam reported right here in Minnesota.

This scam was reported in White Bear Lake Township, which is just a few hours from the Twin Ports.

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Overdue Invoice Notice
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How The Scam Works

According to officials with White Bear Township, locals have been reporting a water quality notice hanging on their front door. The notice scares customers because it says that they have already tried to contact them at least two times, causing a sense of panic.

The fake water quality notice claims to be from a local company. However, the logo on the fake form does not match the real logo of the company, so it is likely that the scammer just used a well-known company to make it appear real.

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If you do get a notice like this on your door, call your local public works department and they will be able to tell you if the notice is real or not. Real notices will always have the correct logo and contact information for your public works department. If it doesn't, it is all a scam.

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This could happen anywhere at any time, especially given the fact that this happened just two hours from the Duluth area. There are no shortage of scams going around these days in Minnesota and Wisconsin so be aware and save yourself a headache!

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