I didn't realize that Minnesota was the last state to have what some would call an outdated liquor law. In recent years, other states have passed legislation and that means that Minnesota is the only one left.

Under the current law, Minnesota is one of the few states that restricts beer and wine sales to just liquor stores. Have you noticed when traveling to other states that you can buy wine in the grocery store? I've been in other states where you could buy liquor in the gas station. In Minnesota, only liquor stores can get a full liquor license. Convenience stores and grocery stores can only obtain a 3.2 license. Alcoholic beverages can only contain 3.2% of alcohol.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

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Minnesota is the last 3.2 licensing state in the United States.

Other states previously had a 3.2 licensing law like Minnesota. Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Utah had a 3.2 law. They changed the law in their own way to allow strong beer and in some cases wine in 2019. There's a movement in Minnesota to get the law changed to allow full-strength beer and wine in grocery stores and convenience stores.

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Beer Manufacturers are stopping 3.2 beer production.

Redwhitebrewmn.com shared letters that were sent from different beer manufactures saying they would no longer be producing 3.2 beer. You can't blame them. It can't be that profitable to produce it for one state in the entire country. Some of those brands include:

  • Mike's Hard Lemonade
  • Heineken
  • Coors
  • Pabst
  • Corona
  • Modelo
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Wouldn't this hurt liquor store sales?

Red, White & Brew MN says there's enough money to go around in liquor sales. They say that liquor stores earned record profits last year. They argue that it is important to convenience stores and grocery stores (especially smaller ones) to be able to offer these products in their stores.

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