Well, if this isn't the cutest thing I've seen all day. Some weird things have made headlines lately and I would say this qualifies. A lonely animal is looking for its owner. The goat was picked up by the Anoka County Sheriff's Office, located right here in Minnesota.

This all went down in Ham Lake, which is just a few hours from the Duluth area. It happened on Wednesday (August 16th) and thankfully for us all, was shared on social media by those that picked up the sad goat.

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So what happened exactly? At some point during the day, locals spotted the goat "roaming around a neighborhood" and appearing a little lost. There was no owner in sight so some good samaritans called in to report the roaming goat.

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A few community service officers answered the call, finding the goat in the neighborhood and transporting him to a farm in the area temporarily. At the time of writing, there is no word on who this goat belongs to or where his home is. Sad!

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If you know someone that is missing a goat, reach out to the Humane Society to get more details on where you can pick him up! He is so cute. He even got to take a little ride in a cop car, even though he wasn't in trouble for any crime. He seemed to enjoy it well, sticking his little head out the window.

There are so many jokes to be made here, but I will just end by saying that if no one claims this goat, I will gladly take him. I mean, look how cute he is! Hopefully his owners catch wind of this story and go pick him up to bring him home.

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