An internet joke has become a reality in a theft that took place. People have joked about a manual transmission being an anti-millennial theft device. Most young people have never even seen a manual transmission, much alone tried to drive one.

They used to be more common in vehicles before the year 2000, but now they are almost a thing of the past. There are some vehicle models that still are available in a "stick shift," but most of them now are for sports cars.

Close up of top of gear stick in car

For those who don't know, driving a manual involves operating a third pedal - the clutch. It's not an easy thing to learn, even with someone helping teach you. You need to be able to master clutch control, shifting patterns, and when you need to use the clutch.

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Fox 21 News in Duluth's Pat Brinks reported on the story, and Fox 21 News At 9 anchor Dan Hanger provided more information on his Facebook page.


The suspect apparently tried to steal one vehicle but crashed it in the ditch after not understanding how to drive the stick shift. It took place overnight at Autobahn Auto at 5741 in Hermantown, Minnesota. He went back and stole a different vehicle. He also stole a credit card machine with a GPS tracker.

Google Maps
Google Maps

As you can imagine, it wasn't difficult to find the suspect. Superior Police were able to locate the suspect in the 1200 block of Grand Avenue in Superior. After a short foot chase, they apprehended the suspect.

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