You never know who you're going to run into at a sporting event, right? Some lucky people got the surprise of a lifetime taking in a local hockey game just the other day. I am incredibly jealous.

A Country Star In The Stands

I am not a sports person but I will do my best to break it all down! Dierks Bentley was in Minnesota taking in the SDP Invitational, which is an elite hockey tournament in the midwest.

This time around, it was in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The tournament kicked off on Thursday, April 11th and went through the following Sunday.

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Dierks, Is That You?

The organizer of the popular social media account 'YouthHockeyHub' shared a photo of Dierks in the stands, rocking a flannel and cap. He is seen intensely gazing out onto the ice and taking in the game.

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How fun! The guy next to him doesn't seem to know he is sitting next to a country star or maybe he does and is playing it cool. I definitely would not be. Ha!

Why Was He At A Hockey Tournament?

Dierks is very vocal about his love of hockey. He often posts videos from games he goes to and also shares snippets of he and his family playing hockey! His son is also rumored to be on a team that was playing in the tournament.

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Dierks didn't post about the tournament on any of his own social media pages. However, many people commented on the photo, expressing their excitement and some even saying they need to start going to more hockey games. Love it!

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