I stumbled on a question on a local Reddit sub from a Genxer who was asking if they check bags anymore for concert venues. It's specifically for the upcoming Willie Nelson concert.

Willie Nelson & Family Performing May 23rd At Bayfront Festival Park

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Willie Nelson and Family will perform at Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth this Thursday, May 23rd. The legend will take the stage at 7 PM with his family. Willie Nelson may be the most famous marijuana user of all time. A bucket list item for many Willie Nelson fans would be to smoke some pot and watch the legend on stage.

A Redditor posted in r/duluth the question, "How are we sneaking in the good stuff?" They asked if they even checked bags anymore.

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Marijuana is legal in Minnesota, but there are still rules.

It's an interesting time. Many people forget that marijuana is legal now in Minnesota. That means you can be in possession of it. That doesn't mean you can smoke it anywhere, however.

Minnesota's new marijuana law says it's legal to be used on private property that is not accessible to the public. Clearly, that doesn't include this concert venue.

Bayfront Festival Park Rules

Yes, bags are subject to search at Bayfront Festival Park. There is no smoking allowed at the venue either. You can't leave the park and come back in either, that's in the official Willie Nelson FAQ rules on Bayfront's website. 

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Why not just take an edible before?

If you really want to enjoy the show while using cannabis, your best bet would be to take an edible before the show and get a safe ride there. Other people use cannabis vapes, but that still could technically get you in trouble. A few years ago I was at the Tyler Farr / Nelly Concert at Bayfront and there was definitely skunk in the air, so it definitely still happens.

The general consensus is to just be cool. Don't be rude, don't be obvious. It's a Willie Nelson concert after all.

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