Back Channel Brewing Co. is a popular choice for Twin Cities area beer lovers and beyond. You can visit them at 4787 Shoreline Drive in Spring Park, and Back Channel brews are sold in stores and restaurants throughout the area.

However, visiting the taproom provides a great experience. As it says on the Back Channel Brewing Co. website:

Back Channel Brewing is a destination brewery/taproom located on Lake Minnetonka, serving high-quality small-batch beers. We brew across the board, with a special emphasis on Lagers, IPAs, and Imperial Stouts.

Beers you will currently find on tap in their taproom include:

  • Brian – Setzer Beer (5.25%)
    *Current flavor Apple Cider (Cold or Hot)
    Light // Fruity // Effervescent
  • Nurture – American Light Rice Lager (4.25%)
    Ultra Light // Dry // Crisp
  • Seal Call – American Lager (4.60%)
    Light // Crisp // Crushable
    *Available in Salud Style
    (Can rimmed w/ Lime, Tajin, and Hot Sauce)
  • Good Fun – American Lager (5.00%)
    Domestic // Says // What
  • Cob Job – American Corn Lager (5.25%)
    Light // Crisp // Quenching
  • Tippi - Blonde Ale (5.00%)
    Light // Bready // Smooth
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There are many more available, as well as a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. However, none have gone viral like their new creation, thanks to a video that proves brewing beer can truly be a high-pressure endeavor.

The Back Channel posted a surveillance video from January 23, which captures the startling moment when an employee gets sent backward to the ground by the force of the beer coming from the tank.

The video below has since gone viral on Facebook and Instagram.

Thankfully, the brewery said the worker wasn't injured. If you'd like to try that beer, it's appropriately called "Blow Back", which Back Channel says is a New England IPA, adding that it's on "limited supply, of course."

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