Like it or not, roundabouts are the future in Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Transportation has been increasing the number of roundabouts in the state as they say they are the safest and most efficient way to handle busy intersections. But, that's only if everyone knows how to use them.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is scheduling a new roundabout project for 2025 in the small town of Hill City, Minnesota.

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They held a public meeting last night at the Hill City council meeting to present information on the project that would replace the Highway 169 and Highway 200 intersection.

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The goal of the roundabout is to improve safety at the intersection of Highway 169 and Highway 200, according to WDIO. MNDOT has met with the city, businesses, and residents to discuss the project and plans.

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They are finalizing the design of the intersection now, and construction is planned to begin in 2025.

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Roundabouts have led to an 86% decrease in fatal crashes.

MNDOT explains the use of roundabouts on their website. They say roundabouts show an 86% decrease in fatal crashes, an 83% decrease in life-altering injury rashes, and a 42 percent overall decrease in the injury crash rate at intersections.

Roundabouts are supposed to be better for the environment.

With improved traffic flow and fewer delays than stops or signals, less fuel is used by vehicles. They say it decreases emissions and fuel consumption by 30%.

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