This might come as a bit of a shock but Wisconsin is home to a ton of celebrities or at least, was once home to a bunch of Hollywood elite. From musicians who were born in Wisconsin to famous actresses who lived their for a good part of their childhood, the list is longer than you think.

We are lucky enough to have a handful from Minnesota, too. Some celebrities are even from the Northland or have spent time in the Northland over the years. You wouldn't think the midwest would be a celebrity hot spot but it seems to be shaping up that way.

I compiled a list of all the celebrities you could ever even remotely dream about running into in Wisconsin. All of them were born in Wisconsin. While some moved shortly after birth or after high school to go chase the bright lights of Hollywood, they all have roots in Wisconsin. That means they may be back if they want a more low-key lifestyle.

They may also be back if they want to visit family or friends in the area or their former college or high school. You know what they say: you can take the celebrity out of Wisconsin, but you can't take the Wisconsin out of the celebrity. (I am not sure who said that but just go with it!)

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Here are nearly fifty celebrities you could bump into in Wisconsin, from athletes to famous actors and actresses and a handful of professions in between. Next time you are in the state, keep your eyes peeled.

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