My whole life changed from one 30-second TikTok video. Turns out I've been using my car's ice scraper wrong my entire life.

I've always just used the tool to vigorously scrape at the windows on my car, doing the best I can while it clears away frost in a streaky manner. I just took it for what it was.

As I scrolled TikTok last night, I was educated on the fact that you can flip the ice scraper over, score the frost or ice on your car, and then easily wipe away the remaining bits. THAT'S WHAT THE WEIRD RIDGES ARE FOR ON THE BACK OF THE ICE SCRAPER!

@sidneyraz #stitch with @andrewkentadeadrick i’ve spent so much extra time being cold #inmy30s #wintertime #ice #winterweather #greenscreensticker #tipsandtricks #learnontiktok ♬ original sound - sidneyraz

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The comments section was filled with people either blown away by this like I was, or people who have apparently known this information all along but didn't care to share it with the rest of us.

Teichmaster: "Whhhhaaat. How… did I not know? I live IN THE SNOW!"

clikimages shared: "As a Minnesotan I’ve literally never had to score the ice, just scrape it off with the other side right away."

Amberella: "I thought the other side was purely for structural integrity "

Dr.Jones: "Not me thinking everyone knew this I'm so sorry I never informed people."

Shelby McNeal: "It’s coming to light that more 'common sense' items, should have come with instructions."

Andrew O'Rourke: "I have to ask what did you think that part was for mate?" (The video creator said "decorations".)

I personally would never hope for any sort of winter ice storm, but with the knowledge of this 30-second video, I feel like I'm more prepared for one than I ever have been. The pokey side has a purpose, who would've thought.

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