Santa is no doubt getting ready for his big day coming up in a few weeks, but he's doing it in way-warmer weather at the North Pole than we are in Minnesota right now.

This late fall cold snap-- and yes, technically, it IS still fall; winter doesn't officially start until December 21st-- has temperatures plummeting across Minnesota, with high temperatures forecast to reach only up into the single digits both Tuesday and Wednesday across the Land of 10,000 (Frozen) Lakes.

And when you add in those always-fun windchill readings (or 'Feels Like' temperatures, depending on which weather service you're using), things are feeling way more frosty in Minnesota right now than they are in a place we typically think is pretty cold: the North Pole up in Alaska!

And, yes, there actually IS a town called North Pole in Alaska. According to Google Maps, you'll find it just southwest of Fairbanks, along the banks of the Tanana River. And their forecast today is much better than ours here in southeast Minnesota.

According to the Weather Channel, Rochester's official high temperature both Tuesday and Wednesday will be near 7 above zero, with overnight lows Tuesday night about 5 below zero. Both of which feel closer to 18 below zero when you factor in the wind chill.

Meanwhile, though, at the North Pole, the Weather Channel says they'll see a high of about 25 today with no wind chill. Tonight, they'll drop down to about 7 above before cooling slightly on Wednesday with highs near 13.

Now, to be fair, it looks like Santa and the elves will see highs in the single digits later this week too. But for Tuesday and Wednesday, yes, Virginia, it IS colder here in Minnesota than it is at the North Pole!

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