There are plenty of odd YouTube channels, that's what makes it great, but this channel ranks up there with the strangest.

'Stanwell Channel' is a channel dedicated 100% to toilets, and public restrooms, there is no commentary that I can find in any of the videos, just a simple thumbs up or thumbs down on each of the toilets or sinks in the reviewed restroom.

The channel posted its first restroom review on May 26th, 2019, and as of publishing this story, they just published their 232nd restroom review on April 18th, 2022. The majority of the restrooms reviewed are in Northern Minnesota, but there are some other random restrooms in the mix, for instance, Flordia and Alabama.

The channel's creator, Zach, must be a plumber or sell toilets for a living, as he seems to know a lot about different toilet brands and models, he even shares his favorite toilets in the 'About' section on YouTube, "My House Toilet: Aquasource Henshaw - Favorite Urinal: Kohler Stanwell - Favorite Toilet: American Standard Instanto."

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The channel has about 195 subscribers, I think we could boost that number!  The most popular videos on the channel are of the restrooms at the Duluth International Airport, in which he gives a thumbs-up. Every toilet brand and make is also noted on each of the reviews.

Reading some of the comments and terminology used, I feel that this channel is just part of a much larger community that reviews toilets, talks about toilets, and generally obsesses about toilets. Without digging too deep, afraid to be flushed down a toilet video rabbit hole, here is a similar channel in New York, makes me wonder what these people did before the internet?

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