Since 1976, the FBI has had a file on Bigfoot. Is the creature real or are they wasting their time? Honestly, I don't think they're spending too much time looking for a hairy beast in the woods, but each year people report seeing Sasquatch.

Do you believe there is a bigfoot out there?  Bigfoot has actually been spotted several times, all over Minnesota. You can read two of the newest stories and see the Minnesota counties that have reported the most sightings at the bottom of this story.

Is Bigfoot Living in Northern Minnesota?

Ultimate Unexplained just shared a story about a sighting in northern Minnesota that was reported to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization in 2020.

The person, a home health care nurse, claimed the beast she saw 5-miles west of Ely was "about six to six-feet five-inches tall and was walking on two legs like a human."

Warning Bigfoot Area Stay on Marked Trails Sign on Tree

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization investigated and found her to be a credible person

Another Bigfoot Sighting in Northern Minnesota?

Last month a story came out about a sighting that occurred about 35-miles west of Duluth. This sighting apparently happened in the mid-70s. "The man was 'taking a sauna' when he was cooling off outside of it and sitting naked. He claims an eerie feeling came over him that someone was looking at him. He looked over and saw something staring at him. He thought it was his brother at first, then realized it could be something else."

 Bigfoot Spotted in Southeastern Minnesota?

Sasquatch 107.7/Townsquare Media
Sasquatch 107.7/Townsquare Media

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization says there have been sightings in Southeast Minnesota. Two happened near Spring Valley.

The first was in May of 2002 - A family was on a camping trip when the son noticed a figure sitting near the campsite that looked like cave man. 

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The second happened in October of 2005. This report was filed by a hunter who saw something out of the corner of his eye and described it as ” the biggest turkey he had ever seen.”

Made up stories or real-life encounters? What do you think?

The Minnesota Counties With The Most Bigfoot Sightings

Apparently, there are at least SOME people that feel like they have seen Sasquatch. In fact, there have been 74 total Bigfoot sightings/reports of a sighting in Minnesota and the most recent one was in St. Louis County in November of 2020. St. Louis County also has the most reported sightings with 21. Check out the Top 5 list below according to The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

Famous People Who Believe In Bigfoot

There are some famous people who believe in Bigfoot. Some of them even claim to have seen sasquatch in person.

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