ST. CLOUD -- With access to the internet in the palm of our hands, parents are being reminded to pay attention to what your child is doing online.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension says there is a growing trend of online predators wishing to harm kids in a variety of ways.

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Drew Evans is the Superintendent of the BCA. He says his advice for student dealing with a situation online, don't hide it.

That's the worst thing they can do is to hide if they are being extorted or bullied online. Adults are here to help in what ever way we can.

Evans says if kids don't feel comfortable telling their parents about the situation, to find a teacher or staff member. His advice for parents.

There is apps that can monitor their online activity. If it's criminal activity call your local law enforcement we handle those calls daily. If it's something like cyber bullying, contact the school.

Evans says parents should begin talking to their kids about digital dangers as soon as they have access to computers, phones or other devices that connect online.

He says they launched a new app last year called 'See It Say It Send It' to help with threats in schools, churches and other organizations.

If it's suspicious behavior, or something that doesn't sit right, you can provide a tip on that app and we will work with local law enforcement to address that potential threat.

Evans says this app isn't meant as a replacement for 9-1-1, but just another tool to use.

So far the BCA has had about 400,000 downloads so far and have responded to roughly two dozen tips.

The See It Say It Send It app is free and can be found at the App Store or Google Play.


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