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A husband and wife duo Tani and Emmanuel Boateng, who are both immigrant entrepreneurs, decided they wanted to open their own clothing store in the Mall of America. That dream came true today, as today was their opening day. The goal of their brand United People Apparel is to unite Minnesotans and unite the rest of the United States.

Tani is originally from Jamaica and Emmanuel is originally from Ghana. The two of them started their first clothing line called Ahenfo (pronounced, ah hen foh) in 2017. Then after the political and social unrest of 2020, they decided they wanted to start another clothing line, called United People Apparel, with the goal of reminding people "'that we're in the United States of America, we're all one people,'" as Tani says to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

Both Tani and Emmanuel want United People Apparel to capture the idea that America is a melting pot. "'If we can all come together, the world will be a better place,'" Emmanuel tells the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. Their apparel right now is all Minnesota branded but they want to eventually expand and make clothes featuring other states as well.

United People Apparel started in June of 2020 but today is the opening day for their brick and mortar location in the Mall of America. They are on the third level at W368, by Goldy's Locker Room.

You can shop United People Apparel online on their website. You can also check out more about them on their Facebook page.

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