What would you miss the most (other than friends & family) if you moved away from Minnesota? Lakes, the Mall of America, the fall colors?  Let us know what you'd miss, and see our answers -- and the rest of 'em as they come in. You betcha!

Let us know what you'd miss by texting in with the 'MESSAGE US' button on the Kat Kountry 105 app. Here's what we've read so far:

  • PETE:  The water, the small towns, Vikings & Twins.
  • KINSEY:  The lakes, and my parents.
  • JESS:  The four seasons.
  • CHUCK: The. State. Fair.
  • TERRY: Farmer's markets.
  • LISA: Country music festivals.
  • DANE: Snowmobiling!!
  • OLIVIA: Weekends at the lake.
  • DAVE:  Local sports teams.
  • ELLA: Fall colors & State Fair.
  • JENNY:  'Minnesota nice.' We really are nicer up here.
  • ASHLEY: My family!
  • BRIANNA:  Hunting in the Fall with the beautiful leaves.
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  • LIZ:  Meat raffles!
  • JANICE:  The north shore. Summer weekend trips to Duluth & Grand Marais.
  • AMORETTE:  The scenery.
  • NATE:  Ice fishing.
  • STACI: Little Falls Art Fair!!!!
  • RICKY:  Snowmobiling and waterskiing!!
  • TAMMI:  Hot dishes.  :)
  • RICH:  Minnesota State Fair.
  • TRAVIS:  The Vikes.
  • DILLON:  The Vikings.
  • TONYA:  Mall of America!
  • SKIP:  Ice fishing.
  • LEVI: The walleye opener.

The 15 Best Things to Do in Minnesota

According to Trip Advisor, these ten things are the top attractions in Minnesota based on user reviews:

  1. Minnehaha Park (Minneapolis)
  2. North Shore Scenic Drive (Duluth)
  3. Tettegouche State Park (Silver Bay)
  4. Minneapolis Institute of Art (Minneapolis)
  5. Minnesota State Fair (St. Paul)
  6. Mall of America (Bloomington)
  7. Science Museum of Minnesota (St. Paul)
  8. Quarry Hill Nature Center (Rochester)
  9. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (Minneapolis)
  10. Target Field (Minneapolis)

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