Dang! I hate being late to the party on things like this! I missed my chance to live vicariously through a fellow Minnesotan who was participating on the popular TV show Wheel of Fortune last night! Kelsey Mead of Mankato didn't win the whole thing, but she made some cash and fulfilled a lifelong dream in the process of playing.

Kelsey celebrated her moment on Wheel of Fortune in a post on social media before the episode last night:

As a little girl, I fell in love watching Wheel of Fortune with my grandma. Over the years, I continued to watch the show and kept saying, some day, I would try out & be a contestant.
When my grandma passed away last spring, I felt a nudge to finally submit my audition.
Tonight’s the night 6:30pm CST/7pm EST!
Those things you want to do, and those big dreams you have; do them, pursue them

Kelsey walked away with $6,000, not bad for about 19 minutes of playing!

You can watch the full episode below, and recreate the moment/show that Kelsey had!

I feel like I'm SO old when I talk about watching the Wheel but I really like playing along at home, trying to solve the puzzles before the contestants do! It keeps my brain working, and generally, the puzzles are tough enough that I have to REALLY think about the answers, I seriously wonder how some people can just look at a blank puzzle during the end of the show and just NAIL what the word or phrase is!

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