McDonald's and DoorDash recently teamed up which means you can get some delicious McDonald's fries delivered right to your couch! But in honor of this new collaboration, you can order a Big Mac through DoorDash and get it for just a penny!

There really aren't any strings attached to this one, not even an order minimum, except that you'll have to pay the usual DoorDash delivery fee and tip your delivery driver and all that good stuff.

This deal just starting today and goes through this Friday, the 4th. However, there's "only" one million Big Macs available for a penny, according to Thrillist. But if you're one of the people to order a Big Mac for a penny you could win $1 million! WHAT?

Ok, so how do you get this deal. Go to the DoorDash app, order yourself a Big Mac, and enter the code 1BIGMAC, and that's it! This code can only be used once per person so don't try and order a Big Mac for a penny every day this week, it won't work.


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