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Target has put many safety measures in place throughout its stores for the holiday season. Some of those include adding 8,000 more Target Drive Up parking spots and 1,000 more MyCheckout devices to Target stores across the country according to KARE 11.

Quickly, to clarify what MyCheckout is (because I didn't know what it was), it's a device that employees walk around with and they can use it to check you out in the middle of the store. Super convenient!

But the big thing we want to talk about is this option to reserve a spot in line at Target. Unfortunately, this is not reserving your spot in the checkout line, this is to reserve your spot to get into the store.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of people allowed in stores has become smaller. I personally have never been to a store where I needed to wait outside because they were at max capacity already but I'm sure that will happen during the holiday shopping season. So instead of making us stand out in the cold, they came up with this system. I really appreciate that, Target.

What you do is go to target.com/line (it's actually up and running already so you can check it out now!) and you can see if there is a line outside of your Target location. If there isn't, well that was easy, you can just walk right in. But if there IS a line, instead of driving out there and then freezing while standing in line, you can virtually save yourself a spot in line. Then when it's your turn to go inside you'll get a text.

Now I would suggest not reserving a spot and then waiting to leave for the store until you get that text. First of all, you'd be making other people wait. Second of all, I feel like if you don't go into the store soon enough after they text you they'll probably just give your spot to someone else. So my suggestion is either reserving yourself a spot while you're in the parking lot and then wait in your car OR reserve your spot and then immediately leave for the store so you're in the parking lot ready to go when they text you.

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