As cities begin to dig out after all the snow we saw yesterday and early this morning, the question that always seems to come up is just how much snow fell. Well According to the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities we have some answers to that question. Amounts ranged from a few inches in portions of the north metro to over a foot in areas of the south metro and into greater Minnesota.

East Saint Paul and Woodbury came out with the highest amount of recorded snow with East Saint Paul reporting 21 inches of snow! Woodbury had two measurements that amounted to 20 inches falling in the eastern metro suburb. Closer to home here in south-central Minnesota, Lakeville saw 19 inches, Bloomington had 18.5 inches, and Jordan had 17.7 inches, Burnsville 17.5 inches, and Eagan had 17 inches recorded by the National Weather Service.

1 mile SSW of Faribault had 10.2 inches recorded at 7 this morning, 4 miles East of Nerstrand 9.3 and Dundas had 9.2 inches. Almost a foot fell in Montgomery with a measurement of 11.5 inches of snow sent into the National Weather Service last night, 1 mile ESE of New Prague saw 13.8 inches as of 8:30 this morning. Owatonna had 11 inches 1 mile NNW of town as of this morning.

Other areas snow totals according to the National Weather Service:

1 NNE Waseca 8.3"
Ellendale 7.5"
1 NNE Kasson 11"
Elko New Market 9.5"
Belle Plaine 15.5"
Mankato 9"
St. Peter 11"

The heaviest snowfall seemed to fall in an area that ran along 35E and 494 towards the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.

A reminder that various cities in the area may still be in a declared snow emergency, so check with your area municipality before parking vehicles on area roads, as snowplows will be out cleaning up the streets for the next few hours.

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