If you’ve ever gotten a speeding ticket in Minnesota, you know one thing: you definitely do not want to get a speeding ticket in Minnesota. Obviously, the best way to avoid getting a speeding ticket is to not speed. But hey, I get it. Sometimes you have those days when your right foot is a little heavier than usual because you have someplace you need to be.

So what do highway patrolmen look for? According to one officer who pulls people over each and every day, here are a few things he looks for:

  • Cars that are going much faster than the regular flow of traffic
  • If a row of cars are all speeding, one car will be chosen to get pulled over, and it’s usually the car in the back. Mostly because it's the easiest.
  • An officer will take multiple readings when clocking a vehicle – one from the side of the road, and 2 or 3 as they're catching up to you from behind.
  • Being polite to the officer can help get you out of a ticket, but there’s no guarantee. It can depend based on your previous record and how fast you were speeding.

This is all good to know, especially the part about the back of the speed caravan being the biggest target. I’ve always been told that if you’re driving behind a car that’s speeding, they’re the one who’ll get busted. So that might be one loophole worth avoiding going forward. Just don't forget to drive safe and maintain your Minnesota niceness...just in case.

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