It has been three weeks since Governor Tim Walz implemented the state wide mask mandate. The question is, how effective has it been since that mandate took place?

On Monday, the Minnesota Department of Health announced that there are 65.716 positive COVID-19 cases in the State. According to MDH officials, they state the numbers have been stabilizing but are uncertain if the mask mandate has been the most efficient or by other means.

The fact that we've seen stabilization in our cases and even a trend downward certainly coincides in time with what we would expect to see from the mask mandate - Jan Malcom, Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner

It is believed that the mask mandate as well as social distancing have seemed to be working. Other factors that health experts believe to have been helping are having a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and being active can help boost one immune system.

To be clear, these strategies will not by themselves prevent COVID-19. But if you do them on a regular basis, they will help you improve your overall health and fitness, better control some underlying health conditions, and thus make you less likely to experience serious complications sometimes associated with COVID infections. - Kris Ehresmann, Minnesota Department of Health Director of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology

The mask mandate will stay into effect until the end of the peacetime emergency in the State.

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