The bill known as H.F. No. 30 was voted on Monday, Feb. 20, in the Minnesota House. It passed 85-45. If it passes the Senate, it would repeal a law that has been in place for 159 years. The bill to allow Sunday liquor sales from 10AM to 6PM now moves on to the Senate, where the general vibe seems to be it will pass but it will be a closer margin. If passed, the law would go into effect July 1, as the governor has indicated he will sign the bill if passed. According to the House Roll, here is how area members of the House voted on the bill:

For The Bill:

GOP:                                                               DFL:

20A Bob Vogel                                                 25B Duane Sauke
21A Barb Haley                                               26A Tina Liebling
21B Steve Drazkowski                                   27B Jeanne Poppe
23B Tony Cornish                                           28A Gene Pelowski Jr.
24A John Petersburg
24B Brian Daniels
26B Nels Pierson
27A Peggy Bennett
55A Bob Loonan
55B Tony Albright
58A Jon Koznick
58B Pat Garofalo

GOP:                                                               DFL:

23A Bob Gunther                                           20B David Bly
25A Duane Quam
28B Greg Davids

It was interesting how much of the western and northern parts of the state voted against passage of the bill. Here's a look at a map of the vote.

three martinis



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