The tornado that hit Taopi, Minnesota on April 12th showed once again, in typical Minnesota fashion neighbors are helping neighbors. In one case, though, neighbors from quite a piece down the road from Taopi are helping out.

If you still haven't seen the damage, just click play. It's astounding.

According to a story in the Post Bulletin by Abby Sharpe, Scott and Melorie Swenson's home was damaged during the storm, and are getting help from neighbors here in Rochester at the Neuro Hospitality House.

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How are they helping? They gave the Swensons furniture and home furnishings. Other families will receive bed and bathroom linens, and stuff for the kitchen (the kind of things you need to keep a home going).

Why Are THey Donating So Generously?

According to the story in the PB, Neuro Hospitality House is closing its physical space* and was going to auction all the stuff in the home. But when the tornado came along, the plan changed.

"Peggy Paul, the executive director of Neuro Hospitality House, knew she had to donate the house's contents to a Taopi family. Paul researched where donations were being accepted to benefit Taopi families. She came across the United Farmers State Bank Taopi Relief Fund and sent a request to be connected with a family in need." (SOURCE)

And then, the wheels started moving and on Wednesday, April 20, the donations were delivered to a holding spot 'til their homes are ready to live in again.

While Neuro Hospitality House is closing its physical location, they are not closing up as a non-profit! According to their website,

Beginning in May, the Neuro House is delighted to partner with Inns at Centerstone for our guests. This partnership includes all hotel amenities, along with an affordable rate for Neuro patients and caregivers while visiting the Mayo Clinic. Click here to see how it works now.

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