The Rice County Board of Commissioners today meeting as the Housing and Redevelopment Authority unanimously approved a policy change to give preference points for homelessness and those attempting to flee domestic violence situations.

Joy Watson director of Housing explained to the Board the growth in homelessness in the county is considerable.

Watson added Three Rivers Community Action wanted the change.

Ruth’s House and Sarah’s House Manager Susan Fox endorsed the idea…

The Hope Center does not provide any housing assistance directly but Executive Director Erica Staab-Absher said the policy would definitely help their efforts…

Commissioner Jeff Docken indicated the policy was a no-brainer…

Watson says beginning tomorrow, June 28, 2023 the waiting list for Section 8 housing will be opened for homelessness and supportive housing preferences.

Rice County HRA will accept referrals from Northfield Community Action Center, Ruth’s  House, Sarah’s House and Three Rivers Community Action.

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