The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) begins a three-year reconstruction project of Highway 52 from Zumbrota to Cannon Falls Tuesday, July 6, 2021.

The Highway 60 West overpass bridge at Zumbrota and Highway 52 northbound bridge at the Highway 60 East interchange south of Zumbrota will be replaced this year.  Construction crews are beginning prep work at those bridges.

Also this month, crews will be constructing nine temporary median crossover lanes to direct traffic off the north or southbound lanes of Highway 52.  Twelve temporary right turn lanes will be constructed along Highway 52.

Construction of the crossover lanes and turn lanes will begin on the south end of the project.  Motorists will not experience traffic impacts during this time.  Motorists will encounter some short detours from mid-August through November as crews construct the Highway 60 West overpass bridge at Zumbrota.

MnDOT says this year's construction work won't have a high impact on motorists, but will have more of an impact next year and in 2023.

The three-year project will reconstruct the southbound Highway 52 lanes from approximately 2 miles south of Highway 19 in Cannon Falls to approximately one mile north of Goodhue County Road 7 with access control improvements.  The bridges near Zumbrota will be replaced.  A new interchange will be constructed to replace the existing at-grade intersection at Highway 52 and Highway 57/Goodhue County Road 8 which is the Hader interchange.

New frontage roads will be constructed along the route and a new Goodhue County Road 14 connection on the north end of the project near Cannon Falls.

The project cost is $69.7 million.  Bids on the project were opened in February in St. Paul with four bids submitted.  Mathiowetz Construction Company of Sleepy Eye was the low bidder.

Recently Mathiowetz made a change to the Hader interchange after determining it was more cost-effective for the interchange to go under and not over Highway 52.

More information is available on the MnDOT website.

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