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The Rochesterfest parade was canceled last weekend due to the potential storms that were popping up on the radar. This is the second year in a row now that we haven't been able to have the Rochesterfest parade. And that means the floats that people worked so hard on didn't get to be put on display... until today! Today in Rochester, Minnesota, you can stop by and check out the great floats we missed out on last weekend.

Where Can We See the Floats From the Rochesterfest Parade?

If you and your kids were sad that the parade didn't get to happen this year, there is another way to experience the parade today at 125 LIVE. Rochesterfest shared on their Facebook page that they have extended an invite to all who were supposed to participate in last weekend's parade to bring their floats and put them on display at 125 LIVE today.

When Can We Check Out These Great Floats?

The Facebook post from Rochesterfest says people who were supposed to be in the parade last weekend should bring their floats to 125 LIVE by 11 AM today. They do not say how long the floats will be there, however. All I know is that starting at 11 AM you'll be able to walk around and see the floats with your kids. Since no official end time is said, I'd say try to get there before dinner time to try and make sure they aren't all gone by the time you get there.

Hopefully next year we'll have better luck with the parade (knock on wood)!

Wow! Check out how Rochester has changed throughout the years in these Google photos.

As we are soaring down Hwy 52, it is hard to imagine what life was like in our town before the Target store was built where it is today. Or the house that you live in now, at one point in town, that wasn't there. In fact, Rochester has grown so fast throughout the years, most of our houses weren't even around 50 years ago! Don't believe me? Look through these photos to get a glimpse of what Rochester was like years ago.

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