We dealt with some bitter cold a few weeks ago, but Mother Nature seems to be making it up to us with an early spring. This week in Rochester, Minnesota, we're supposed to warm-up even more. It's predicted that at the end of this week we should hit 50 degrees!

Today (Monday) is a cool start to the week. We have a high of 22 today. I don't want to complain because of the real cold we had a few weeks ago, but come on, compared to last week 22 is a little chilly. But then we really start to warm up. The Weather Channel says we'll have a high of 44 for tomorrow and Wednesday, a high of 46 for Thursday, 47 for Friday and Saturday, and then... a high of 52 on Sunday! And then Monday we have a high of 56!

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel

It's going to feel like we could be on the beach on Monday being close to 60 degrees! That sounds like a great day to sit out on the patio at a restaurant or sit outside sipping a beverage. Sadly the 50s don't stick around. The predictions for next week show us dropping back into the 40s. But hey, as long as we don't get a big snowstorm and there's no more extreme cold *knock on wood* I'll be good. I'm ready for spring!

With the first official calendar day of spring right around the corner, Daylight Saving Time is also around the corner. We have to spring ahead soon, and you can find all the details HERE.

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